Tarot Online

Code of Ethics

1. I will always put my client in centrum and do my very best to make the reading helpful and as positive as possible. I want my client to know that they have their own power to change and to affect the outcome of their own lifes.

2. I will take the liberty to rephrase any question so that Tarot can answer.

3. I will not answer questions about a third person if it can do any harm to the client or the other person/persons, for example questions about unfaithfulness. And this also goes for questions about legal matters, dead or diseases. But it's ok to ask for example: "What can I do to improve my health or my financial situation?" In every other cases I will refer to a professional.

4. I keep professional secrecy, but I will break that if I have to to protect the client from physical harm or if police or prosecutor asks.

5. I will treat any client with respect and love, regardless of gender, race or sexual preference

6. If the client don't want to continue the reading they have the right to finish it.

7. I will honestly declare my experience of Tarot reading.

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